Sudden Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Hello. My website suddenly has gone offline. I have not touched the console as I am not too familiar with what to do. I attempted an upgrade but was telling me to install it in the correct directory, which I am not sure what that means.

My website is and I’ve gone through the forum but I am having difficulty understanding what to do.

Port 3306 is most commonly used by MySQL - so the error is telling you Ghost can’t connect to the DB.

Hi Hannah. So what does this mean? What do I have to do?

Most likely the MySQL server isn’t running, or it’s not listening on

You’ll need to share more information about the host to receive further assistance.

What information should I share? Sorry, this is pretty vague and I have no idea what I’m doing here, so please be patient with me.

Only information I have is that I use digital ocean. Is that helpful?

What OS is the Droplet running? How did you install and setup Ghost? How do you keep your server up-to-date and secure? You really do need to learn some BASH (console) to get by.

For starters, log in and check that MySQL is running.

systemctl status mysql

You can also check your Ghost installation using…

cd /var/www/your_blog
ghost doctor
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