Support for GitLab

I’m new to Ghost and one thing I really like is it being OpenSource with the core development being supported through subscriptions.

Why GitLab over GitHub? GitHub is a priority platform that supports the open source community. GitLab is an open core source platform supported by subscriptions. Yes, GitLab is not as open as Ghost but they are a lot closer than GitHub and any other hosted version control system I’ve found.

@waltde what exactly isn’t supported? You’re free to use GitLab to host your theme repos, your Ghost fork, or anything else for that matter :confused:

I was specifically looking at the GitHub integration to trigger a theme deployment.

Also, in reading the blog announcement for 3.0 it mentions specifically GitHub.

That’s because that specific bit of code is using GitHub Actions, there’s nothing special about it though, it’s a tiny wrapper around our Admin API SDK.

Something similar should be possible with GitLab CI or any other CI system that allows workflows to be triggered by git events. Nothing is stopping you from doing it, all the support is already there :slight_smile:

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