Tags not shown on post-card component even though tags are set

Hey, I am customizing the Casper theme and for some unknown reason, the {{primary_tag}} is not shown on the site (on the post-card.hbs component), even though the article has tags set. If I try showing the tags using the normal {{tags.[0]}} it doesn’t load anything either.

It’s not a CSS issue since the tags don’t even get loaded into the dom.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Just a guess - but is {{> post-card}} being called inside a {{#get}} helper?

If so, don’t forget that when using a get helper you need to explicitly ask for tags and/or authors to be included in the API request, like this:

{{#get "posts" include="tags,authors"}}
    {{#foreach posts}}
        {{> "post-card"}}


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That did the job! thanks :slight_smile:

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