TanaFlows - High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to release my first theme after more than 700 hours of work: TanaFlows - A Premium multilingual ghost theme.


TanaFlows is a theme that supports two languages (at the moment). I worked hard on it to create a complex theme that serves three purposes:

  1. Increased conversions
  2. Multi-language blog and newsletter
  3. The ultimate theme suite for affiliate marketers, freelancers, and solopreneurs

I use TanaFlows for my own website and my multilingual ghost hosting services, so weekly updates are expected to fix bugs, improve, and constantly add new features.

  • Support 2 languages
  • 6 comments system support (Ghost comment, Hyvortalk, Disqus, Cusdis, Telegram, Cove Chat) | Learn more
  • A variety of dedicated page templates are available:
  • Dark mode support (auto, light prefer, dark prefer)
  • The translation is available
  • Welcome Popup (Substack inspire) | Check demo
  • SEO-optimized notification bar
  • Much more coming…

To celebrate, I am giving a voucher for 30% off the first 20 purchases: Y2NDC2MW | PURCHASE TANAFLOWS
If you have any questions, you can reach out to me here.

Please let me know if you have any feedback. Thank you in advance.


Congrates! Nice work @cuongtran.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. :blush::+1: You have great themes as well.

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You are most welcome & thanks!