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Happy Sunday, Ghosties! (No? We’re still workshopping a fandom name.) Welcome to issue #240 of your weekly roundup of emerging trends and ideas in the creator economy. This week’s top stories come from three different corners of the publishing universe. So, aim for the stars, and land on the moon, or whatever the saying is. Enjoy!

:speech_balloon: In this week’s issue:

Am i the only one who lands on 404 page with it?

Same. I get 404 as well.

It looks like the Discourse integration has failed here for some reason :confused: I’ve manually edited the original post to have the right link.

In any case, all newsletters can be found at https://ghost.org/resources/newsletter/, in this case the referenced newsletter is here:

(you can also subscribe to the newsletter from that page, that way you’ll always get the latest updates no matter what happens with the forum integration)


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