Theme translations to Finnish?

Anyone know of Finnish translations of Ghost themes?

If a theme is translatable, it’s very easy to add more languages by just copying the :uk: English file en.json as e.g. :finland: Finnish file fi.json (or other ISO language code), and translating the right side of each line.

For example, for WorldCasper2, you can see the English file en.json, with 25 half lines to translate.

Some translatable themes, in alphabetical order:

Canitia Jr.


Ghost Blank Theme

Ghost Casper Theme Turkish Translation

Ghost Theme Template



It’s used here:





Thank you, @Juan. I’ll try that with WorldCasper2.

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@MSarjakoski :+1: All right Matti, and if you wish to share the translation file on a pull request, or simply attached to an issue, I can add :finland: Finnish to WorldCasper2 (I’m maintaining that theme).

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Yes, I’ll be glad to share.

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@Juan, I got the Finnish translation done and the theme changed. If you’d like to see, it’s here:

I am yet to see all the translations in real context. And share the fi.json file.

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It seems to be working for theme texts. :+1:

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Hi @Juan, added pull request.

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Tested and merged. Thank you! :+1:

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