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Hi there!
Completely new to creating website. :) So pls dont judge me if i ask silly questions.

Is there a way to insert a code which would enable showing of calendar Date/Year on every page of my ghost website. (Something like magazines, or newspapers often have a current date on the front page.) To spice it up, is it possible for a date to be CURRENT DD/MM/YYYY + n , so explaining in simple terms current day/current month/future year date ?

Thank you for your ideas, comments :)

HI @Den_K this short thread with links helped me:

Hi @rajeshtaylor , thank you for comment, it does seem to talk about updating date of post edit.
What I would like to have is a DATE in a following format calendar date DD/MM/YYYY+ n , where N is extra number of years , so that the date show a future date on a header of every page.