Timestamp service


I am thinking of allowing ghost instances being able to receive a signed timestamp from a trusted server to verify the timestamp of any post.

This could serve as a way to verify the precedence of ideas that become a source of contention. Having a verifiable timestamp of your post could serve important in many applications.

How I think it needs to be setup is that the ghost client must be able to sign the post with a private key and send the hash to the trusted timestamp server. The trusted server would sign this hash or encrypt it with its private key and send back to the client.

The original signed hash for the message and the signed timestamp from the trusted server could verify the post’s veracity.

I hope this makes sense.

I hope that the development of this might involve free sources like tsa but the ghost-timestamp module would require the writing of the driver between ghost and the timestamp module written or used.

I think a verifiable timestamp would be a major addition to the project that pushes it upwards. I imagine uses where it might even become standard for some major users like universities where idea precedence can have major influences.

I’d love to be involved in such a project assuming there are no existing plans for such.