To many sources to load from


First of all, I would like to thank you for that great CMS. It’s pretty nice and easy to handle. Really great work!
But I would like to leave some thoughts here for improvement.
I installed ghost in docker container which is behind a proxy with CSP enabled. And what should I say, ghost isn’t really good at it. In the admin cockpit you load so many stuff from the outside, it’s a bit scary.

Here are some source, where you load stuff from:

There are more sources, but I’m only allowed to post 3 links as a new user.
Is that REALLY necessary? Would it be possible, to ship this stuff with ghost itself?

PRs are always welcome :wink: Otherwise the answer is as it always is - it’ll be fixed when it’s fixed, there are no timelines or roadmaps for individual minor issues. Everything is open source, if there’s a particular issue that is causing you problems then you are free to use your own resources or recruit help to fix it.

fair enough!
Thanks for taking your time :slight_smile:

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