Trying to filter posts out of the "Read More" section of post pages using internal tag not working -- what am I doing wrong?


Using the official Source theme, I am having problems hiding certain posts from the Read More carousel at the bottom of post pages.

I have:

  1. Created an internal tag to hide posts hash-hide.
  2. Added it to the post.hbs template as follows:

{{#if @custom.show_related_articles}}
    {{#get "posts" include="authors" filter="id:-{{}}" filter="tag:-{{hash-hide}} limit="4" as |next|}}
        {{#if next}}

However, the test post that I have made, still shows up there, as seen in this screenshot:

I can’t seem to figure why the test post isn’t being hidden when I give it the internal hash-hide tag, can anyone who knows more about Ghost theming tell me what I have done wrong please?

Here are the system details for my ghost installation.

System Details:

I am self hosting ghost on a private VPS. My site is accessible via

  • Ghost Version: 5.82.11
  • Environment: production
  • Node: v18.20.2
  • Database: mysql8 – 8.0.36-2

VPS Details:

  • OS: Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
  • Kernel: GNU/Linux 6.8.0-31-generic x86_64



You can only define the filter property once, and include all your conditions there.
The {{get}} should be something like this:

{{#get "posts" include="authors" filter="id:-{{}}+tag:-hash-hide" limit="4" as |next|}}

Thank you for your assistance, this is exactly what I needed to do.