Turn off Ghost Pagination or generate meta noindex


I don’t want to use the /page/x system (home, tags, and author page)… even if i want to keep 10 posts per page…
I don’t want any page 2 on my website, and this is not good for SEO if we can’t change the description, unique text etc

Or is there a way to change the meta on /page/x ?

< meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

Thanks !

I found a way that seems to work.
Can you confirm that this operation is performed on the server side?

{{#if pagination.prev}}
< meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

I put it on default.hbs

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You could also set up redirects with regex, that way they can all be accounted for and redirect viewers back to the main page:

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Nice! I didn’t know we could use regex in the redirects.json file.
My theme use Infinite Scroll, then I think it’s good to have 301 redirects.

Edit :
I changed the redirects.json file to :

      "from": "/page/[0-9]+/" ,
      "to":  "/",
      "permanent": true

The last problem is that a “next” link is in the < head > section…

Removing the “next” meta tag in the head can be done by editing the theme or by removing it with JavaScript. I believe Google recently started running JavaScript when their bots crawl sites :slight_smile:

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I think the head next link is in {{ghost_head}}… which is generated by the Ghost core.
It’s maybe better to keep these pages, even if they are not indexed by Google.
Thanks !

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