Upload Image : AxiosError: Request failed with status code 422

Good morning,
I am new to ghost and I created my site on the ghost servers in order to test post publication via the API.
I want to upload an image from an url and then put it in an HTML post.

I think I have implemented the API correctly but it gives me an error: “Please select an image.”.

Here is the Code:

const [id, secret] = API_KEY. split(':');
const token = jwt.sign({}, Buffer.from(secret, 'hex'), {
         keyid: id,
         algorithm: 'HS256',
         expiresIn: '5m',
         audience: `/admin/`
     const url = 'https://sportews-2.ghost.io/ghost/api/admin/images/upload';
     const payload = {
         images: [
                 url: "https://media.api-sports.io/football/teams/182.png",
                 ref: "6.png"
     const headers = { Authorization: `Ghost ${token}`};

     axios.post(url, payload, { headers })
         .then(response => console.log(response))
         .catch(error => {

This API request isn’t quite right. You’re providing the response object as the payload.

Instead, you need to follow the steps outlined here: