Uploaded Video Not Working

Hello all,

I have uploaded a video both with the built in function as well as via ftp. The video appears in my /content/media/year/month folder, but won’t play when trying to embed on a post, or even when accessing the link directly. I get a video player, but no video at all.

I have set client_max_body_size to the appropriate size on my nginx.conf, and the video uploads to the folder no problem. Any ideas on where to go from here?


If you open the developer tools, do you see any console errors? (F12 in Chrome.)

Thank you, Cathy!
There is an error when I’m trying to upload a video:

2022-10-16 09_03_49-(Untitled) - null - Brave

But I’m having trouble determining what it means. The video definitely exists on my host, and is fully uploaded.