Use first image as feature image


I don’t like the display of the feature image in posts, yet I would like the feature image when the post is listed.

What is better :

  • Use first image as display image outside of the post ?
  • Changer the display of the feature image in the post with code injection ?

Easiest way / How ?

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Hide the feature image with code injection (or theme edits). Load it in as both the featured image and within the body of the post.


I have tried that! What do you think ? This works but I expected it to be more simple.

    .single-post .u-placeholder.initialized:before {
    	background-color: #fff;
    .single-post .post-media .post-meta, .single-post .post-media .post-title {
    color: var(--black-color); 
    .jarallax-container-0 {
        display: none;
    .post-image {
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Yeah, that’s the easiest way, if you don’t happen to have a theme with a layout that excludes the feature image on the post page. The alternative would be pulling the entire post body to the index page then using JavaScript to parse the body and find an image.

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Yeah I guess the easiest way is to hide!

Thank you :)