Use storage adapter with community Docker images


I was wondering if there is a way to use a storage adapter like the ghost-storage-adapter-s3 with the official Docker images, like 5-alpine? So I could deploy on for example.

At the moment it seems like I have to create my own custom Docker to do it.

I believe you have to create your own image, because the adapters involve adding additional NPM modules to the image.

You would also add to add a custom config.production.json to the image or mount an external one in the image using docker mounts.

Note that the “official” image is maintained by the Docker community, not the Ghost team. The Ghost team is clear they only officially support their “Ghost CLI” for installs and upgrades.

You could check with the maintainers of the Ghost Docker image to see if they would pre-install alternate storage adapters. That would make the images a bit larger for all the people who don’t need the storage adapters, though.

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