Using content API & Next.Js to build custom FE

Hi everyone,

Ghost Content Api
Next.js v12.1.0
Node v16.14.2

I am using ghost as a CMS to build an internal blog at my workplace.
Everything has been great, and I managed to build a full list view of the reports that I’ve published, however I am struggling to display a single post using the “post.html” key on the Content Api response, since every time I display the returned HTML on my FE he whole content gets rendered with no styles. The only solution I’ve found is that of importing Ghost’s global default styles and make the post read those, but it seems way too laborious to be the right approach, can anyone please help and let me know if indeed this is the only way or if there is a better way to render the Ghost default styles and point me towards it.

Much appreciated!

The content API just spits out html. It’s your job to decide what to do with it, and that’s a definite downside to this approach vs using a theme (where all the styling and display logic is taken care of). Is there a reason to not run Ghost normally? What advantage do you get from using Next?

I hope I don’t sound critical, but I’m genuinely curious why you’ve chosen this approach. :)