Using Ghost for critical effort in journalism / Hiring engineers (lead & team)


My name is Ryan Walsh, and I represent the product and technology efforts for a pre-launch, US non-profit media organization named The Consilience Project.

The Consilience Project

We are a nonprofit media organization that aims to catalyze a cultural movement toward higher quality sensemaking and dialogue.

We help people understand what is happening in the world, how to make sense of it, and how to better detect media bias and disinformation.

We are trans-partisan and focus on improving coordination within humanity so that we can address issues of catastrophic risk (climate change, privacy, totalitarianism, etc)

We create novel educational content to help improve the sense-making of our readers and the media landscape as a whole. We’re building relevant, meaningful technology to achieve these goals.

We believe in and support open source, and so are choosing Ghost to develop & present this novel content. We’re also looking for engineers to help.

We’d love to meet more members of the Ghost community, hopefully hire a few, and contribute any features we build back into the open source project.

If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to share more. Either reply or email:


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