Using Ghost Pro with NextJS

I’m new to Ghost and have some questions I’m not seeing direct answers to. Primarily around how to use NextJS with the Ghost Pro hosted solution and not self-hosted. I’m not sure how the two are connected. We plan on using the Ghost Pro hosting, but with the power of React/NextJS to match the development environment of our marketing site and utilize our design system package library.

I can build a NextJS site that gets the content from Ghost via the API key, but how do I connect the work there to the Ghost Pro hosted platform? Is this possible or would using NextJS + Ghost mean I would need to use a self-hosted solution instead?

Ghost Pro and self hosted are pretty much identical, so whatever you did to your self hosted instance to integrate with nextjs needs to be done on Ghost Pro. So your content would be managed in Ghost and nextjs would use the API key from your ghost instance to talk with it

What are the steps to deploy the NextJS site through the Ghost Pro hosting? Every example I’ve seen has the deployment through Vercel for example.

In other words, everything I see is how to use the Ghost API to display content into the Next setup. But nothing on building and deploying back to the Ghost platform/hosting. Without that it’s just a local Next site pulling the post data from Ghost. Can I have my Ghost watch a repo for auto build/deployment to my domain?

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Ghost won’t host your nextjs site, they will only host your ghost instance. nextjs hosting is a separate thing unrelated to ghost

Hi, I cannot add custom integrations from the ghost admin dashboard. My admin only contains the 4 default integrations. I deployed the ghost app using Heroku. Without custom integrations, how can I generate the API keys to connect to my NextJS frontend?

Custom integrations need to be enabled to use the content or admin api

Sorry, the issue was that I was using a very old version of Ghost (v1) before custom integrations were made available.