Using other email service than Mailgun

Hello, I am using the latest version of Ghost (3.37.1) with a good hosting provider. I was wondering if would be possible to use their own email servers instead of using mailgun. I want to mention that I don’t need to send mass newsletters, I can do that by integrating Aweber through zapier.

Yep, you can use any mail provider for transactional emails. To do so you need to enter the details in your config.production.json file. You can see examples of Mailgun and Amazon SES in the docs (ignore the service key, it’s not needed):

@Kevin I configured everything but I am getting this error: is not permitted to\n550-550 relay through this server without authentication.

@Kevin any ETA on when you guys will add additional bulk email services to complement Mailgun? I’m thinking about AWS SES, which I would prefer to use instead of Mailgun. I would do a PR, but I’m not a developer (but maybe I should start learning). :slight_smile: