Validation error, cannot list tiers

Hi guys,

i’m migrating the server, which on the front office looks good, but i cannot access the back → Ghost Admin

This seems to happen after i import the json content file.

I think it is related to stripe, i couldn’t disconnect it before migrating, is there a way to do so ?

Any idea how i can fix this ?

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This seems to be coming from the latest version 5.21. Contributors on my site are also facing the same issue.

@Abhishek_Prakash did you the Ghost importer before experiencing the issue? Or was there something else that triggered it?

@naz ,

I’m also using the ghost last version, i played around this issue by importing a Json file that is a bit older. 04-06-22 and 02-09-22 were bringing the same error in local aswell but 25-05-22 backup did work. So i did lost some articles but it is better than nothing.

Nothing. No import.

I upgraded to the latest version on the weekend. Contributor encountered the issue this morning:


I, as admin, can log in and view and edit posts without issues. It’s the contributor who faces the issue.

@jeremielondon A fix for this has been released in v5.22.0 :slightly_smiling_face:

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@daniellockyer ouahhh, you guys are magicians :clap: :star_struck:

Thanks Daniel

but unfortunately, the error persists even after upgrading to version 5.22

Contributors see “Permission error, cannot list tiers” but editor and admins are fine.

Alright! Updating to version 5.22.2 fixes the issue.


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It’s back for me in 5.23

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That’s bad. Now, I’ll refrain from updating the to this new version. Thanks.

By the way, I suggest opening a new thread as devs may not take notice of a closed thread.

I have done exactly that.

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