Very disappointed ghost editor is not compatible with CJK IME

Everyone is using wordpress, but I chosen ghost. Because it looks more modern, better performance and lighter weight, and let me get rid of Mysql.
But after I installed it and configured s3 storage plugin to compatible with oracle object storage, then I try to wirte my first post, the built-in editor does not work properly with CJK IME.
Before that I even wanted to write a article in Chinese to recommend ghost to those people who have no programming experience, a sorrowful ending.


May I ask what is CJK IME? Never heard of it. THanks

It stands for the input method for Chinese, Japanese, Koren. I think this issue blocks many potential users out from Ghost.

I have fixed this problem and raised a pull request, but not merged maybe caused by the failure of CI test ( I think it is not my problem, but the problem of test environment). But my customized contribution has included this bug fix and works very well on Chrome. (PS: I have passed all the tests via Grunt release command)

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Ghost looks cool, but I found the editor is completely unusable with ATOK Japanese IME.

There are many problems. For example, I type ā€œć«ć»ć‚“恔ā€ without confirming conversion and type ctrl+H to delete it, the characters are repeatedly appears after ā€œć«ć»ć‚“恔ā€, finally ā€œć«ć»ć‚“恔恫恻悓恫恻恫ā€.

Iā€™m grad if maintainers have plans to support CJK IMEs.
Any places to report these IME bugs?

Hi, any update regarding this input matter? Thanks

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