Website issue AMP and Mobile Usability

Hello Friends,
I dont know whether it’s the right place to ask this question or not. Apologies in advance if i’m at fault.
Anyway i’m an owner of a startup.
Recently came across my website issue it’s showing mobile usability and AMP issue.
Here is the site.
Also, i’m sharing the screenshot that is visible in webmaster.

Hoping that i’ll get a solution here.

Hello @ruchikatanwar,

Unfortunately, your screenshot doesn’t show what errors Google’s crawlers are encountering, or what those usability and AMP issues are.

Can you drill down into the reports for the specific issues?

Howdy there!

You might want to get the link to your AMP pages (can be found at any post url with “/amp/” added to the end of the url) and test them out with this AMP validation tool by Google:

There could be some specific embeds or template code that’s affecting the validation. Sadly Google Search Console isn’t good enough to provide really detailed reasons why your AMP pages are failing.

Hope this helps!