Weird issue when ghost behind an loadbalancer


I have a weird issue. I am running ghost on two nodes behind haproxy as a loadbalancer. When we create a post the node on which the post is created will instantly see new content however the other node will not show the newly added content until the ghost service is reloaded. Both nodes are connecting to the same database therefore the issue with the data not be replicated between the nodes does not exist.

I am using the latest ghost version. I get the same behaviour no matter the browser I use.

Thank you in advance.

@zozo from the big warning in the install guide:

Node/Docker clustering and other multi-server setups
Ghost does not support clustering or multi-server setups of any description, there should only be one Ghost instance per blog. The recommended scaling and performance approach is to put a cache and/or CDN in front of your blog; pages generated by Ghost are essentially static so there should be very little traffic hitting your Ghost server with a well configured cache.

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Is there any intention of adding this kind of support in the future?


Please use the search before opening topics ;-)

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