What is wrong with this collection yaml file?

I want to setup 2 x Collections (3 technically if you include base collection)

This is the following yaml file I have imported, but no matter what I do I simply can’t get the /certification/ collection working. The school collection is working no problem, and it has since first attempt. Adding the new /certification/ collection doesn’t play nice and I have not idea why?

  • I have imported the following yaml file
  • I have created a certification.hbs template file in the root of my theme. Exact same location as schools.hbs and page.hbs.
  • I have created a ‘certification’ page for /certification
  • I have created a ‘certification’ tag
  • I have assigned a post to the ‘certification’ tag
  • I have restarted server

What am I missing here? I just can’t see it.


        permalink: /schools/{slug}/
        template: schools
        filter: primary_tag:schools
        permalink: /certification/{slug}/
        template: certification
        filter: primary_tag:certification
        permalink: /{slug}/
        template: index
        filter: tag:-schools  

      tag: /tag/{slug}/
      author: /author/{slug}/

One idea: Check if the new files have the same permissions has the other ones. Check if the new files are owned by the same user as the old files (the ghost default hbs files).