What should I do with my old Substack posts for best SEO?

Like many others, I moved from Substack to Ghost. I have copied over all my posts to my main site, now hosted by Ghost Pro.

I have redirected my old substack through a CNAME DNS record to substack.mydomain.com.

My Substack posts still rank best on Google (My identical Ghost posts are lagging well behind). As a result, I still get subscribers through Substack.

I am asking everyone for their best advice on what to do:

-Should I just get rid of my Substack posts even though they rank well on Google?

-Could I implement some sort of redirect from the Substack posts to the equivalent Ghost post?

Why are my Substack posts better liked by Google?


So you still use Substack at the same you use Ghost?

I’m confused about your current configuration.

Do you have newsletterName.Substack.com + yourdomain.com + substack.yourdomain.com right now?

I would not remove the posts already ranking on Google, I would redirect them to yourdomain.com. Because if you get rid of it is like throwing away your work.

I only publish on Ghost now, but my old substack posts still exist on substack.mydomain.com (and Google still ranks those links).

Making a redirect of substack.mydomain.com/* to mydomain.com is what I am considering, not entirely sure that’s possible technically as substack.mydomain.com is a CNAME record that is not proxied at Cloudflare.

Making the redirect should tell Google that the content moved.

But I wouldn’t make it yet. I would wait a bit more for Google starts indexing yourdomain.com while you still get some visitors to Substack. This way you wouldn’t have the risk of losing the traffic overnight

However, I’m not a specialist in redirects.

I’m talking from the perspective that I’ve seen a lot of people on Reddit complaining that Google is taking more time to index their website than in the past. So, that’s something to consider.

So, I would have a balanced move of not releasing more on Substack and not redirect things now

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@mattcam helped me implement a redirect solution for this via Cloudflare

@josephkman it was a pleasure working through this to help find a solution on the influencerTips digital marketing experience hub. For notes about using Cloudflare workers to do bulk redirect from Substack to Ghost have a read of the following …

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