What's the best way to backup your ghost blog?

I’m running mine via docker, but I can get into the backend / files.

How can I backup everything in case of failure?

I’d recommend using rclone to back the folder regularly up to Google Drive or Onedrive or something like that.

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Well, the database is on a separate docker (MariaDB). I’m not sure just backing up the ghost folder is enough.

You can use rclone to backup the mariadb volume as well.

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I wouldn’t say the advice given so far is the best, but certainly works. I wouldn’t recommend backing up the entire volume of the database files, for a database. The compatibility there with versions and more is just bad. Use a proper mysql dump and backup that file to S3 or cloud storage.

Next you’ll need the assets and uploads. Ghost makes this very easy and has a content folder. Everything from themes, uploads and more are in there. Back that up as well, either compressing or rsync the raw files themselves.

Ghost doesn’t go much into this, but does help explain what needs exporting - Imports and exports in Ghost: Access your content and data - FAQ

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Ideally I’d agree, but for a backup intended to restore to the same system as the one OP currently runs I would think that a whole database folder backup is simpler than a dump and backup, especially for restoration. Given that the OP is running on a docker setup reproducibility ought not to be a problem.