What's the relation between Ghost and PM2?

Hi, I’m just trying Ghost and it called to my attention the fact that it runs in the background unlike most NodeJS proceses, which is something I had only seen in PM2. In fact, the “ghost ls” command behaves exactly like “pm2 ls” even with the same table:

I can’t find any mention to PM2 in either Ghost documentation or Google results. I think there’s a lot of invention and innovation behind PM2 and I wonder why it isn’t mentioned.


Hey @sebolio :wave:

The CLI doesn’t actually do process management, rather dedicated applications (such as systemd or PM2) handle that. The reason the output for PM2 and Ghost CLI look similar could be because they might use the same library for tables.

From your screenshot, it looks like using the local process manager, which has minimal handling for process crashes. This is usually used for Ghost development installations.

You can find the code for the CLI on github:

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