Where is the option add I like this or feedback functionality to posts

I updated my Ghost self-hosted,

No option? footer or posts
Any suggestions to add feedback option

I believe this feature is for the bottom of newsletter (email) posts only, not for the web.

In the context of an email, each user has been authenticated. On the web, many reader’s won’t be logged in. To use the button, they would have to get an email link to log back in, or maybe even sign up for account. I doubt most people would bother just to click a “like” button. It’s different than Facebook or some other site where everyone is already logged in.

So while I can see the interest in collecting that information on the web, it’s not going to work so well and could contribute to visual clutter or even user frustration more than function. I think that’s why it’s only in emails now.

To turn on this functionality, go to SettingsNewsletter. Choose your newsletter and toggle the dropdown for the Footer.

There, you’ll see the option to Ask your readers for feedback.


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Your first screenshot shows you’re still on Ghost 4.x. You’ll need to upgrade to the latest 5.x version to use the feedback feature (5.30.1 is latest release at time of writing, the audience feedback feature was added in 5.21.0)

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 09.45.54

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I did it

any option

OK, if you’re definitely on the latest version then the setting should be visible where @RyanF described:

The screenshot you posted in your reply is not showing that area, you are looking in Settings -> Design but you need to look in Settings -> Newsletter

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