Wrong layout on Gatsby landing page

Environment :

  • Heroku hosting Ghost + Local/Remote Gatsby
  • Built by gatsby-starter-ghost
  • URL : dailyeconomy.net


I connected my headless ghost to Gatsby frontend according to this tutorial.

I’ve tried to re-built Gatsby from fresh clone, but the problme keeps reproducing. (So I am quite certain that It’s ghost-side problem.) I haven’t tried to hard-reset my ghost in heroku server, but I’m considering so.

What should I do to fix this? Thanks in advance!

Hey @Indosaram :wave:

What do you mean by wrong layout? When I visit your site, it shows me a post listing, is that not correct? What did you expect it to show?

Hi @vikaspotluri123, Thanks for the reply.

When I include excerpts on the landing page, the site shows wrong layout.

Now I’m delpoying my site without excerpt to just to deploy, so I attached my site’s screenshot.

I hoepe you can see the problem :laughing: