2.0 is out... but what about comments?

I started my blog more than a decade ago on Serendipity. Eventually I moved to Wordpress. One thing I’ve always kept is my comments on the blog, never outsourced. I’m ok with doing so, but what good options are out there? Disqus is kinda scummy and injects a HUGE amount of crap onto the page. Facebook comments is ok, but Facebook knows too much already.

Is there any comment systems out there that work with Ghost that aren’t inherently evil?


I don’t think there are any really good free, hosted solutions. Check out Comments in ghost blog which is similar to this topic, and Native comments system which is a feature request for in-house commenting :)


Yes, saw the 2.0 announcement and got excited thinking there may be comments built in. I wouldn’t consider jumping ship until then. So much I admire about Ghost but lack of comments is a deal-breaker.

Looks like I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed they arrive with 3.0!


I’m all for paying some reasonable small amount. I get like 2 comments a week at most, I’d happily pay a few bucks a month for that service. Heck, I’ve even thought of building a simple comment system for exactly this… but its more work than I care about right now.

Mozilla has a nice open-source commenting platform called “Talk”: Home - Coral by Vox Media

However, this would need to be self-hosted, unlike services such as Disqus. I have not implemented Talk on my own blog yet (I hope to eventually), but it seems do-able.

Talk looks like an interesting option for Ghost either as an internal functionality or as an API driven service. It could probably be offered by anyone as a third party service/app as well.

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Built-in commenting is planned as part of the Memberships & Subscriptions feature. Ghost needs a robust visitor authentication system for native commenting to work well and will involve a big concept-shift for Ghost’s front-end from static generation to each page load potentially being dynamic.

In the meantime, Discourse and Talk are great options. If you look at them you can see the level of effort that is required to do commenting, moderation, and spam protection at scale.


I personally implemented talk (and hosting it). It’s pretty straightforward, like Disqus you just need to have an html block to receive the comment form and paste the provided code.

The hosting is a bit more complex and not really integrated in Ghost so you have an interface to handle the comments and one interface to manage your blog.

It took me around 2 hours to put talk in place into ghost, with the setup for my deployment process


maybe you could make some tutorial on it?

Some possibilities (Disqus, Facebook, NodeBB, Livefyre) are detailed here:

How to Add Comments to Ghost - Ghost for Beginners

Would love some guidance as well :slight_smile:

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