Elephant in the room- No built in comment sys

There are tons of node.js powered apps that handle comments and even the uploading of images such as lynxchan or nodebb or any other node.js powered message board or forum. Having to depend on a third party system to allow comments is the last thing holding ghost back from being the best thing out there. Everyone knows that with third party systems there is unnecessary tracking and other annoying complications such as having to pay every month for a stupid comment system that should have been included internally. I am actually shocked that no one made a built in comments system for ghost yet. It is a BLOG. You know, you write stuff and people read it and then comment. It seems incomplete to not have a built in comments system. Question- Did ANYONE code a comment system that people can use in thier own ghostblogs directly, without relying on third party comment systems? Maybe ghost.org should code its own add on’s so people can buy them/ use them without having to rely on the third party ones. Third party add on’s come and go and have WAY too much control over a simple matter like blog comments capability. Having a simple default built in comments system would make ghost WAY better… arguably the best.

It’s a duplicate of the topic that has been discussed over and over again.