Native comments system



That would be great if ghost team should add internal ghost commenting system. This would help us to easily manage comments from our admin panel instead of depending on third parties. Now discuss started showing ads in his comment box section and that was not good at all. I would highly recommend having self-hosted comment system or that would be great if ghost team include this feature in their future upgrades.

Thank you!

2.0 is out... but what about comments?

Agreed, I’ve been looking for a commenting system since the begining :slight_smile:, or for a plugin/addons mechanism that would allow us to try implementing that.

Glad to see I’m not the only one missing that feature.


Disqus is Alternative But Not Proper Solution. When The Blog Becomes More Popular Disqus has been Given Unwanted Advertise Without Any Permission.


While I agree on native commenting would be really nice:

Why don’t you try Isso from posativ for now? There’s some blogs out there on how to set it up and integrate it into your ghost blog. I’ve got it up and running for my blogs and it’s like disqus, but it’s not tracked or hosted by third parties.


If ghost ever introduced a native comment system, will it be SQLite supported or not?


times like these make me wonder why any sort of non-breaking gateway to ghosts’s db hasn’t been implemented in any form, even creating a generic API endpoint to allow diehardhard users to mess with an otherwise irrelevant table in the ghost data base would be an infinite improvement over nothing.

I fill the gaps between ghost themes and extended data by using MongoDB’s could cloud service, but that sort of workflow is best suited for the certifiably insane and I don’t see this suiting many people.