2 Questions about Docker

Congrats to the Ghost team on the 3.0 release!

I am looking to evaluate Ghost to run it in production. Towards that, 2 questions:

  • Do people run Ghost in production on Docker or is that not recommended?
  • When will 3.0 be available in Docker (I did a pull and it appears it is still 2.37).


If you’re looking for the official word on using Docker, you can see here:

For self-hosters, the Ghost team recommends using Ghost-CLI on ubuntu. This is the only setup where we provide support & fix bugs.

The Docker repository is a community lead project. We aren’t in control of updates nor do we provide bug fixes or support, but we do list it as an option because it’s a popular, active project.

The choice of how to run Ghost is really down to what you’re comfortable with and what level of support you’re looking for.