3.x.x themes on Themeforest require Extended License

Yeah, me neither honestly. My point is related to have “multiple” licenses. Member enabled themes should just have the commercial price from the beginning :slight_smile:

Thank you & the Ghost Team for putting in the work on this! And thank you Evanto as well!

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@John The end of June has arrived, do we have any update from ThemeForest/Envato? If Covid-19 has set them back, do they have an updated timeline for the Ghost Community? Or has this disappeared off their roadmap entirely?

Thank you.

Have followed up, will report back


Envato have now completed the updates to their licensing:

We are pleased to confirm that we have made changes to the Regular License terms for items in the Blogging category in Themeforest.

The changes mean that items within this category, which includes Ghost themes, may be used for monetized membership websites under a Regular License.

The licensing clarification can be viewed here and here, part of our License FAQ page which legally forms part of the license. We have also updated our Help Centre article here.

We trust that this provides the clarity and certainty for your customers and community to operate using the Regular license, and appreciate this has taken longer than expected

Kind Regards,

Rohan Chandler
Envato - Author Management Director


Thank you @John for following up. This is a great win for the Ghost Community. Cheers.


Yes indeed. It’s a great relief for developer and user of themes available on themeforest. Thank you @john for your great effort. :clap: :love_you_gesture:

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