Customise theme with Ghost starter

I would love to be able to make customisations to the default theme using the starter pack.

I think the jump from 9 USD to 25 USD is a big lift to incorporate some basic customisations. The only other option I seem to have is self hosting which I don’t really want.

It’s a bit frustrating that I used to be able to customise the casper theme in the past but now I can’t even edit the basic casper theme and upload. Bit of fail.

I love ghost so hoping they revive this feature for the starter pack.

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I’m Ghost user and open source fan. I don’t work for or speak for the Ghost folks. (I’m just glad they make it available!) So, I don’t know why they have it priced that way, although I’ll guess that they figure they’ll get enough folks to bump up to $25 than they lose from folks who are unhappy with what’s available at $9 but not willing to do $25. I’ve got no background in business, though, and I’m speculating.

Fortunately, Ghost is open source, and it’s a free market. There are other hosting options for Ghost besides Ghost(Pro). It might be worth a look at some of them, if the current plans don’t fit your needs? It’s not a huge marketplace, but there is a marketplace, and different companies have differences in how they price access to themes.

I can’t recommend any different managed hosting providers because I haven’t used them, but they’re out there if you look. I’m pretty happy running Ghost in my own virtual server, which gives me 100% flexibility to do whatever I want, at the cost of it being unmanaged, so I have to be my own sysadmin. If you need super cheap and are willing to trade time for money, that’s an option.

It’s an interesting question in general, not just for Ghost - how do you price tiers so that hobbyists and teeny tiny users find them affordable BUT companies using your platform to make real money pay more? I don’t have a great answer, but I wish more companies would figure it out, because a bigger community with an ethic of supporting each other is a better place to hang out.


Thanks a lot for that nuanced and thoughtful comment. It’s just something I used to be able to do with Ghost but they seemed to have pulled the plug on it on the basic tier.

At this stage, I just want to focus on the content and publish as often as I can. I may eventually move to self-hosting (I like to figure things out) but I don’t want it to be a distraction.