Question about Premium themes

Hi all, I’m new to Ghost (Pro). I’m currently using the default Casper theme.

I’m wondering how does the Premium themes on Ghost website work? Do I have to first pay for Ghost (Pro) Creator plan, and then pay again to get one of the premium themes listed on the Ghost themes pages?

Can anyone please explain this to me?

yes , you have to buy the theme depending on your site needed :)
There are different premium themes in the marketplace

That’s correct. Ghost Pro is a hosting service, and requires the Creator plan (or higher) to be able to load a custom theme (that includes a premium theme or a free theme that’s not one of the ones that shows up on the theme loading page, or a free theme that you’ve edited). The premium themes are created by other developers for sale. just pulls them together to make it easier to see what’s available in the marketplace.

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Hi @Cathy_Sarisky Thank you for your response.

So just to be clear, I will first have to upgrade to the Creator plan and then buy premium themes from the catalogue based on whatever they are priced at. Is this correct?

Also, with the premium themes that are sold by third-party and not Ghost (even though they are listed on Ghost theme marketplace), how long with support for these themes be maintained for? Will that solely depend on the theme author or can Ghost help also. I wonder if the theme author no longer is active or wants to provide support, what do we do then?

Yes. It’s just like where you live. You’ll pay rent on your apartment AND if you want a new sofa in the living room, you’ll have to buy one.

As you’ll see when you click “buy” on a theme, it takes you to the theme creator’s site, where you can see the theme creator’s terms.

Based on the amount of business I get for third party theme customization, I’m pretty sure Ghost pro doesn’t provide support for third party themes beyond getting them installed.

Yes, you have to buy a theme or you can also order us to develop a custom theme for you. Here is a link of a premium Ghost theme developed by our team - Nightingale Ghost Blog Theme - With Dark and Light version available - CodeSpeedy