4 Ghost Themes which are not listed in ghost marketplace

Hello everyone,
I would like to share 4 of my premium themes. I am sharing these themes here, because you will not find these theme on ghost marketplace.
Do checkout the themes.



=> Advant Demo
=> Explorer and Purchase Advant



=> Vanu Demo
=> Explorer and Purchase Vanu



=> Tona Demo
=> Explorer and Purchase Tona



=> Gro Demo
=> Explorer and Purchase Gro

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Hope you will like and enjoy these themes. :smiley:
If you have any question always feel free to ask me. :wave::wave:


Advan is really really nice. Orange accents, large initial letters, clean navigation, blue-gray backgrounds - amazing stuff. How long time did it take for you to create this? Did you start from scratch?

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Thanks :slight_smile:
It took around two month. I am little slow. :wink:

I have a client/project and believe you have a customer. Can I ask about watermark class - do you pull the inital letter in the template/hbs? I would have tried :first-child, but this is more clean/readable. Can it be done with :first-child? (meh, while typing I realize that the headline/sentence would not have the first letter, yes?)

In this case :first-child will not work. You can use :first-letter to select the first letter and style it.
But then the first letter of the title will be affected directly.

But in Advant, you can see the first letter is being shown as watermark separately ( as a copy).

I have used javascript to get the first letter of the title and added in a span tag. Then used CSS to style that span tag. Also as the single letter is for design and aesthetic purpose, I made that hidden for screen reader.


advant is stunning @GBJsolution. great to see something so unique too. a few q’s for you…

  • on the themeforest page it says this theme is “Ready for latest version of Ghost 2.x.x”, so i just wanted to confirm it is a G3 theme with full full G3 functionality (including membership)?
  • can we see any demo posts set to membership only? i’d love to see the presentation of the advant membership gate

thanks in advance…

Hi, glad to know that you liked it. This theme is not updated yet for ghost 3.0. I am updating all my themes one by one. I will definitely update this theme for ghost version 3.

that’s great news. any approx’ eta for G3 advant?

Sorry for the delayed reply. I was actually working on the Advant theme after you commented. The good news is Advant updated for Ghost 3.0. Have a look at the demo.
Second post is members only and Third post is for paid members only.

  • and what great news; thank you
  • i’ll check it our for sure… :hugs:

i love that vano ? is that new ?

Nice work! :slight_smile:

Any plans on adding a sticky header option for advant or making it sticky when scrolling back up?

Also, is the image in the first section added within a element with a class? Asking since it looks, to me, a bit confusing on mobile since the blog section comes directly after and the first image belongs to the header / hero on top. If it is, I can hide it using CSS.

No such plan for sticky header. But you can always hire a freelance developer for theme customization.

The image is within a div and it has a class. You you can access and modify using css.