404 after updating from 1.24.6 to 1.25.5 (prior 2.0)


hey sorry im a bit noob in hosting issues. i have a hosting service with separate domain service from another provider. i have ghost 1.24.6 working fine with minor issues. ghost 2.0 came and i wanted to update.
first it told me to update to latest 1.25.5 so i did that but after that when i tried to check my site it was giving 404. is there something else i need to confirgure i dont know?
on my serv i have something like domains/Mydomain/ which has folders like content and versions (in versions i have 1.24.6 and 1.25.5 now) sorry i have no idea what to do

  • gonippon.pl
  • currently ghost 1.24.6 as i did a rollback


Have you set a log in the config? If so, check that, it usually says what went wrong. If no log set, check the stdout on your server. Hard to say just by going on this.


yeah i know not much info was given but was hoping that there is some secret thing to do beside what is in migration tutorial

i think i have the logs, will have to check once im home. i assume i would have to check them once i do the update again? but would it give anything in the logs if i get 404 at start?


When I was updating and had some failures due to themes etc., I could see exactly what went wrong during upgrade. That way I could figure it out and get it fixed. Maybe it’ll help you too?

But yeah I found no secret thing to do, as well as a different issue sometimes than what you described. I did end up with 404’s once. I’m betting it has to do with routing or access rights perhaps.


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