Problem moving to vps server

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    On the old server, through docker compose, mysql, and cloudflared running in the same docker network. On the vps, it’s still docker and mysql but it’s running on a linode vps and nginx proxy manager is used instead of cloudflared
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I can’t really answer the last 2 so I’ll just put my issue here.

When I moved the mysql database and ghost content folders I assumed that you could just drag and drop them into a different server, use the same compose and it’d work, but the files were on a different path (/home/millions/site/ghost before vs /root/site/ghost after) and it seemed to not want to accept the database.

Since I have a backup of it, I started up a blank blog on the same domain (new server though) and got that up and running. I do want my old posts back though, and to access ghost again I’d have to go through the process of moving back to cloudflare tunnels, which I don’t want to do.

Is there a way to fix this or do I have to start from scratch?

Why not export from the old server, install ghost standard on new server, and import?

I already moved to a static site generator, but I did end up getting the ghost blog running so I could export it, I changed the env variable in the ghost container from my domain name to localhost, opened it in an incognito tab and I was able to get into the admin panel and export it

From there I think I could probably just do that but I’d already started using eleventy at that point so I just converted them to markdown and fixed the images