404 error with {{URL}} on tag links

I’m using Journal, and the “Topics” section in the sidebar has links to Tags. I’ve made sure the routes are correct, and there are posts with these tags. But if I click on the Topics, it gives me a 404. If I look into inspect element, the href url is actually /404/ ??? What the hell is causing this?

{{#get "tags" include="count.posts" limit="all" as |topic|}}
                    <section class="gh-section">
                        <h3 class="gh-section-title">Posts by topic</h3>

                        <div class="gh-topic">
                            {{#foreach topic}}
                                <a class="gh-topic-item" href="{{url}}">
                                    <h3 class="gh-topic-name">{{name}}</h3>
                                    <span class="gh-topic-count">
                                        {{plural count.posts empty="0 issues" singular="% issue" plural="% issues"}}