503 Service Unavailable

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Hosted on AWS, self managed.

Version: Ghost-CLI version: 1.14.1 | Ghost version: 3.31.5
Node Version: 12.8.3
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
URL: blog.dharmilsanghvi.com

I am getting error : 503 Service Unavailable.
I tried the following commands:

  1. ghost buster
  2. ghost doctor
    Everything ran fine.

ghost run and ghost start commands also dint show any issue.
Ghost log files also displayed no errors.

Apache Log file had an error:

[Sun Sep 06 15:58:12.530425 2020] [proxy:error] [pid 5028:tid 140214798919424] (111)Connection refused: AH00957: HTTP: attempt to connect to (localhost) failed
[Sun Sep 06 15:58:12.532600 2020] [proxy_http:error] [pid 5028:tid 140214798919424] [client x.x.x.x:51185] AH01114: HTTP: failed to make connection to backend: localhost, referer: https://blog.dharmilsanghvi.com/ghost/

I was running my ghost instance on port 2370, but somehow apache was connecting to port 2368 and getting refused.
Hence, I changed the port of my ghst instance to 2368, still the same above error.

I was able to resolve it by restarting NodeJS.

Thank You All !