504 Error on WordPress Plugin

Hi All

I’m trying to export from my WordPress site but get a 504 Error. The site is hosted on a Business Plan on WordPress.com which I know has a different server environment to WordPress.org.

I have contacted WP support but they can’t fix it on their end.

Attached is the email I received from support.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Mattches. Interesting issue you have there. Do you know how much content you’re exporting from the WordPress site?

Hey @DavidDarnes thanks for the reply. It’s a lot of content. Some of the pages are large too.

The site is https://top40weekly.com.

I’m trying to export the site so I can test the content on Ghost. My goal is to move from WP to Ghost sometime this year. I tried to do this manually, but there’s so much content, it just takes far too long.

Not sure what I can do with the XML file as this would require a lot of work to get it into the correct JSON format to upload, right?

I see, thanks for sharing more info. Which version of WordPress is on the site? It might be that WordPress is the wrong version or the plugin is out of date. There’s an issue thread on GitHub with regards to version compatibility:

Hey @DavidDarnes thanks for this.

I’m with WordPress.com so they automatically update my site when a new version becomes available. I’m on 5.3.2.

I have only just installed your plugin so it can’t be out of date.

Is there something I can do here? I really want to see what I can do to get this site over to Ghost.

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Love that enthusiasm to help @Mattches, if you have some experience in PHP then feel free to dive into the WordPress Ghost exporter on GitHub. Nathan has been working hard on the plugin and would probably appreciate another person contributing :slight_smile:

Edit: Looks like from the comments Nathan has it working with 5.3.2, so maybe worth chatting with him over on GitHub and testing it for him?

FYI @Mattches, and anyone else who arrives here, we’ve recently updated our WordPress to Ghost migration guide:

If you see any issues then let us know, thanks!

Awesome @DavidDarnes. Thanks for the update

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