A different Approach to "Advertising Script from PHP to Node.js for Ghost?" with little Help?

As i already mentioned in the Title of this Post i’m referring to an older Post but with a kinda new Approach to it but still in need of some Direction/Help!

I found Someone who’s willing to help me with this special Problem mentioned above and this Person came up with a different Approach to the whole Thing by pointing to an Article from “Akos Nagy” (Kudos to him) called Create custom helpers to add functionality to your Ghost blog that might be the Answer to it.

But i am still not sure nor is the other Person helping me. Is this the right Direction to go, or is there another maybe better Way to do so?

What exactly are you trying to do? The older post suggests it’s just a script that needs loading in - I’m not sure why you’d need a custom helper for that.

I’m not the Guy with the Programming Skills, so I’m just following the Person who is. :wink:

He asked me to made this new Topic, because he isn’t deep into ghost, so I did because he wasn’t sure about what’s the right/better Way to go with this.

Direction… :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s possible I’m missing something but if you just need to load a script in, that does some DOM manipulation to show an advert, you shouldn’t need a custom helper.

Having said that - adding a helper will allow you to use the re-use it in multiple templates, so it really depends on what their plan of action is.

Just be aware that adding a helper means adding to the core package - which could have some unintended consequences.

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