Anyone out there successfully using advertising


I realize that Ghost is a streamlined blogging platform but I have to think that most people would like to make some return on all the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining content.

I was wondering if there are people out there that have been able to use some form of advertising. I love to see your site and maybe pick your brain.



I’m on the same trail and have found some interesting Ideas about that Question by just searching for “ghost CMS add an advertisement” or some Variation of this Search terms.

I also had opened a Topic of my own here in the Forum about a Backlinkseller Company and how to make there Script written in PHP compatible with ghost. You may search for this, if interested.

In my opinion there are the “old AdSense” way of Advertisement and the Company I mentioned above that’s offering a kinda Marketplace for selling Backlinks.

Another maybe more manual way of getting some money out of your Writings would be Sponsors from Companys that are interested in what your writing about.

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