A few questions about using Hugo and Ghost

I understand that the Ghost team recently migrated the official Ghost site from Gatsby to Hugo.

On the Jamstack page there is currently no guide for Hugo. Is there any plan to create one?

Also, is there any plan to create something like the Gatsby Starter for Hugo?

And finally, but most importantly, am I correct in thinking that by using Hugo with Ghost, the non-staff user login (aka membership functionality) of Ghost would be lost?

Hugo is somewhat difficult to use with external APIs, hence why it’s not in the Ghost docs.

That being said I have made a Netlify plugin which lets you use Ghost with any static site generator

By hosting your Hugo site on Netlify you can use this plugin to pull through your content as markdown files, pass them to Hugo and build out your static site.

While using Ghost in this way means the membership login features aren’t possible, it is possible to wire up static forms to Ghost members and redirect newsletter links to your static site :+1:t2: