A New GitHub Storage Adapter

Thanks to @ifvictr for inspiring me to create a new GitHub storage adapter for the blog: https://june07.com. Previously the site used the Cloudinary adapter but continually running into usage limits demanded an alternative free/open solution.

Available on GitHub: june07/ghost-storage-github, Ghost Storage GitHub is also open source, and it would be great to have contributors. After several attempts to get the solution by @ifvictr working, I decided to just write it from scratch using updated octokit deps and also adding in image transcoding via the sharp npm package

Images are transcoded by default into webp for quicker loading but that is configurable (can be disabled). Does anyone know how to put in a PR to get this adapter listed in the docs?!


@RyanF maybe you can help with adding the adapter to the documentation?

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Thanks for sharing this with the community!

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Any update on this? Just finished migrating my Ghost blog storage to GitHub and it works swimmingly. It would be nice to make it more available should others be looking for the same solution.