🍯 ghata βˆ’ A Digital Ocean storage adapter for Ghost

Hey :wave:

I have been developing a storage adapter for Ghost recently. I thought to post it here, so others using Ghost can take advantage of my work.

:honey_pot: ghata is a storage :electric_plug: adapter that takes your uploaded images, videos, or any assets and uploads them to a :ocean: Digital Ocean Space. By having these assets in a Digital Ocean Space and not having your server to serve these static assets, the majority of the load can be transferred to the CDN offered by Digital Ocean Spaces which makes your :ghost: Ghost blog load faster.

Here are the docs for installation. In case you are finding trouble installing, or have any questions. Please feel free to join my Discord server (Vasanth Developer (Community)) or tweet me at @vasanthdevelop

Feedback is most welcome :blush:
Here is the GitHub link :point_down:



This is truly fantastic. Thanks for doing this!

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You are welcome @gregpozo, I am glad to give you support in case you are using the module. :blush:
I will constantly keep this storage adapter upto date, because I use it on my server too.

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Interesting stuff! Gonna look into this more…

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You are welcome. @jpm :sweat_smile:


Too bad there is no retroactivity functionality, I have more than 800 articles that contain images and I would have liked them to transfer to DO automatically, think of me :wink: