A theme for a documentation website


I’m looking for a simple theme for a website which is supposed to provide documentation about an open source software project. What I need is a hierarchical tree on the left side bar which can be used to navigate in the website. Example: https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/


You can checkout Ghost Theme Marketplace here:

https://royce.justgoodthemes.com/ - could be an option (side menu), but is more blog style rather than documentation, but with some dynamic routing you could probably make it work.

https://editorial.ghost.io/ - could also be an option

https://paperleaf.nvslbs.com/ - also a possible option

Or you can search on themeforest.net for a Ghost theme that suits your needs.

I don’t think there’s a theme ready made for doc sites purposes except docs.ghost.org theme, but that’s a bit more complicated and works on gatsbyjs as a frontend.
GitHub - TryGhost/docs: Ghost's official documentation

But you can always ask the theme developers on this forum to give you a hand on creating such a theme.

If you still need the ghost theme for documentation, you may try Doxy - Knowledgebase & Documentation Ghost Theme

Just in case someone is still looking, take a look at our new theme Doks :

Demo: https://doks.spiritix.co