I assume Ghost’s documentation (i.e. is served using Ghost. The theme there is very nice. Does anybody know whether the theme at docs is available on the web?

I am especially looking for this: on the left, there is an overall contents menu, and on the right, there is a “on this page” menu. Is there any theme capable of doing this?


All the source for our docs is available below - it uses a Ghost back end but a statically generated Gatsbyjs front-end rather than the Ghost theme layer, so it’s not a standard template that can be easily re-used on other sites unfortunately.


Are you working on a theme with gastby that we can use for our blog?




Excellent, in fact I noticed that what you have linked on github can not be imported normally from the back-end of ghost, as it is not written with hbs


@John Maybe you’re interested in knowing that, often, the documentation site does not load, white screen, I have to do a refresh to see the content.
I am attaching an image with the related errors


please keep us postet here :blush:

I also love the docs-site very much!