I assume Ghost’s documentation (i.e. is served using Ghost. The theme there is very nice. Does anybody know whether the theme at docs is available on the web?

I am especially looking for this: on the left, there is an overall contents menu, and on the right, there is a “on this page” menu. Is there any theme capable of doing this?

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All the source for our docs is available below - it uses a Ghost back end but a statically generated Gatsbyjs front-end rather than the Ghost theme layer, so it’s not a standard template that can be easily re-used on other sites unfortunately.


Are you working on a theme with gastby that we can use for our blog?


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Excellent, in fact I noticed that what you have linked on github can not be imported normally from the back-end of ghost, as it is not written with hbs

@John Maybe you’re interested in knowing that, often, the documentation site does not load, white screen, I have to do a refresh to see the content.
I am attaching an image with the related errors


please keep us postet here :blush:

I also love the docs-site very much!

Sounds great. When will it be ready? :beers:


Hi @John,

How can I log into Ghost Docs back end to add custom documents?


The majority of the docs are on github and can be contributed to there. Tutorials and integrations are stored in a private Ghost back end and these are not available for public contributions at the moment.


I have built both Ghost and Ghost Doc separately as well, but no idea how to integrate both together.

Any suggestions?


Sorry, can you explain what you’re trying to accomplish exactly?


Ghost has been built via docker and Ghost Doc has been built following the guideline in TryGhost/docs.

Both sites work as well.

In order to integrate both sites, I have added a “Custom Integration” in Ghost, and then modified .env.development as below:

These are all public keys, deliberately committed

GHOST_API_KEY=“Content API Key from Ghost”

After setting everything, I re-built the Ghost Docs again (#gatsby develop), and got some errors:

error Cannot read property ‘edges’ of null
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘edges’ of null

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘edges’ of null

I have googled a lot but still got no idea.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Again, what are you trying to accomplish? Why are you building our docs with docker and a different Ghost back end?


The docs theme is quite nice. I would like to use Ghost Docs to store my documents, but can’t find a way to add documents.

You mentioned above, “Ghost Docs” uses a Ghost backend. That’s why I would like to integrate them together.

PS: only Ghost is built via docker.

Did I do anything wrong?


If it’s just for personal use that’s fine - but duplicating our whole docs and running them publicly on a different domain isn’t ok :)

Gatsby uses .env.development to run locally and .env.production to create production builds - so that might be what you’re missing.

If you’re just looking for personal docs then this setup is likely far overcomplicated and I wouldn’t really recommend it. The gatsby starter would be a better place to look:


Thanks for share those information. The integration of gatsby-starter-ghost with Ghost is much easy. One more question. Is it possible to apply the Ghost Docs theme to gatsby-starter-ghost? And how could I do?


I have to second this, your docs theme is outstanding. Is it something you would consider sharing with the community?

ie the gatsby theme, docs home page, article etc

That was linked at the beginning :wink:


Are you still planning to release a theme based on the Ghost Docs?