A tourist tips his hat

A couple of days ago, I managed to deploy a Ghost blog to Azure.
Thing is, I am nobody’s idea of a tech-savvy sort of person.
I just kept at it until I fumbled the thing into being.

As I said, this was a couple of days ago.
Today, I can’t seem to figure out how to replicate or further the experiment.
No big crisis. I had fun doing it, and I am quite out of my depth with it.

I am posting here merely to say thanks for the ride and to put out a feeler for any advice which may flow freely about where to find documentation on how to maintain or change what I have created on azure. I know that’s vague-sounding, but hey - I have only a vague grasp on what’s even going on. Heh.

Hey, you know what? Ghost deserves a little meme…

Does this image ring any bells with anyone? (hint: who watches the watchmen?)


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